What's Happening is on hiatus: Here’s why !

In my previous post, I challenged you to do things you could never imagine doing. Well! here I go, doing scary sh*t. But this is not the end we are just getting started.

This year has been a great learning experience for me. I went through a process of trial and error. Trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t . After careful observation I think it is time to re-brand and re-purpose our content.

I noticed a lack of engagement on our website and on our IG. It hasn’t been easy trying to get you guys to engage with us. Instagram only showed our content to about 10 % of our followers. This is no good. But I’ve been paying attention……. I know what some of you care about.

So I am using this time off to give Pour Toi a make over. The Goal is to still inspire women to glow up but I want to provide a space that is personal and easy to navigate. There will be some major changes, I won’t discuss now. I’ll rather spring a surprise.


While we are away I want you all to focus on your goals for 2020. Think positive and focus on the positive. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all have a delete button. Don’t be afraid to delete or block negativity from your page.

@pourtoi_____ ( Our old Logo)

One last thing, don’t leave us hanging. Stay tuned! subscribe right now to our email list. I’m always looking to glow with ambitious women so If you have an idea you want to pitch or would like to collaborate just slide in our email at

Make this year a good one. Happy New Year!

Do you PourToi ,


Skin & Make-up

DIY: Detoxify Your Skin AT Home With This Bad Boy

When we think of detox, we usually think of detox drinks or colon cleansers. But you can also detox your body by taking care of the most important external organ, your skin! Did you know that our skin is called the “Third kidney”? It is called the third kidney because our skin’s primary function is to get rid of toxins. So one of the best ways to detox our skin is to use a Dry brush. That’s right! this bad boy can detox your skin from outside-in.

The dry brush method has been used for thousands of years by Greeks, then Japanese and American Indians. They used dry corn cobs to brush off dead cells on their skin. According to researchers, dry brushing with a corn cob was their secret for longevity.

Hmm, if I want to live longer all I have to do is use a corn cob to detox my skin? – exactly my thoughts when I found this out.

Dry brushing involves using a brush or any rough material that can take off dead skin cells. Here’s what else dry brushing is good for:

  • Accelerates toxin elimination
  • Stimulates blood flow and circulation
  • Improve digestion & Kidney Function
  • Reduces cellulite by redistributing Fat cells
  • Unclog pores
  • Stimulate Your Nervous System
  • Enhances lymphatic flow
  • Exfoliates & Remove dead skin
  • Anti-aging through cell regeneration
  • Polishes skin
  • Stimulating both the sweat and sebaceous glands

Use a natural bristle brush with a long handle, so you can reach each part of your body. You can also use a loofah sponge, gloves, or a dry face cloth.

  1. Start brushing your feet then upward your legs. (Brushing the front and back of your legs.)
  2. Then, once you reach your abdomen area always brush towards the direction of your heart. Use brisk circular motions or strokes.
  3. After you finish brushing your abdomen and chest go up your neck and down your arms, back and buttock area. ( do not dry brush your face since your face is very sensitive.)
  4. Remember to brush lightly on sensitive areas like your breasts and soles of the feet.

Note: You can dry brush before or after a shower. Most women dry brush in the morning, since toxins build up when we are sleeping. After brushing it is recommended to drink eight glasses of filtered water because water also help remove toxins. In addition to drinking eight glasses of water, you should massage your skin with pure oils. Like almond, avocado, olive, cocoa butter or coconut. This will help keep your skin hydrated.

Dry brushing is not recommended for pregnant women or women with sores and sensitive skin. For everyone else, purchase a dry brush at your local beauty supply store and practice this skin care regimen 5-6 times per week for 5-10 mins, to get faster results.


Women's Health & Wellness

DIY: The Ultimate Guide To Using Herbs For Yoni Steaming

Chances are if you’re reading this blog you’ve heard of yoni steaming and are ready to, or have already done a steam at home. In the off chance that you’ve heard nothing about yoni steaming, I’ll give you a little background. Yoni steaming is an ancient practice where a woman sits over a pot of herbs that has been steamed to reap the medicinal benefits through her vagina. Yoni steaming is said to help with pcos, fertility, cramps, irregular periods, fibroids, detoxifying the womb, releasing toxins,vaginal tightening and much more. If you’ve been in the market for good herbs to purchase for yoni steaming keep reading to find out some of my favorite herbs to steam with.

While you can definitely visit a holistic shop in person or online to get pre-packaged herbs, I like to mix and make my own. Here are my favorite herbs to use and their benefits.

  • Nettle, clears urinary tract infections, nourishes before and after childbirth
  • Red Raspberry Leaf, helps relieve and treat endometriosis and relieves cramping. It is also great as a tea
  • Motherwort, relieves vaginal dryness, stimulates uterine blood flow
  • Maca, supports a healthy libido
  • Burdock root, treats urinary tract infections, balances hormones
  • Rosemary, purifies and stimulates the yoni
  • Chamomile, helps with cramping, calms, soothes and smells amazing

I buy my herbs from a health food store which I am able to scoop myself and typically comes out to less than $4 a pack. Research the herbs that work best for what you are trying to achieve, purchase your desired herbs, then combine for your steam. Typically I use 3-5 different herbs at a time. I boil the herbs for 5-10 minutes, allow the water to sit for around 5 minutes or so before adding to my sitz bath. You can purchase a yoni steam chair online, or if you prefer going to a shop that does it, ask if you can bring your own herbs. Be sure if doing at home to make sure the water is not too hot as to not burn or damage your skin as vaginal skin is extremely sensitive and thin. Do not steam if you are pregnant as some herbs can affect your pregnancy.

Will you be making your own yoni steam herbs?

Daily Inspiration

How To Manage Depression Symptoms While Job Hunting

Typically followed by stress, anxiety, and depression, unemployment is an experience that can affect anyone at anytime. The level at which it negatively affects a person depends on their individual resources and coping strategies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate is currently 3.7% totaling a whopping 6 million people. There are also 4 million involuntary part-time workers unable to secure full-time work or are dealing with a reduction in hours situation. Numbers of dissatisfied employees working low-paying or ill-suited positions are unclear, but all of the above mentioned situations can be extremely depressing.    

Much of this depression may stem from a fear of failure, financial instability, history of episodes of depression, or losing a sense of purpose/direction. Much of our identity is intertwined with what we do for work. When this identity is underdeveloped or lost-even temporarily- depression can firmly plant it’s roots. While fixing depression is not always possible during situations such as these, there are plenty of ways to effectively manage symptoms.

Recognize Symptoms

Although negative feelings can be easily recognizable, the extent of emotional havoc can go unnoticed. This is why it’s important to recognize symptoms. Some people may cope by rejecting their feelings altogether. Stuffing them down, rather than acknowledging they exist can make the situation worse and make you less likely to seek help. Some symptoms to watch out for are irritability, not being able to sleep at night due to anxious thoughts, drinking or smoking more than usual, coping by engaging in anything excessively (eating, sex, etc.) feelings of worthlessness or self-deprecating thoughts.

Hustle And Market Yourself

This involves a little bit more than dropping applications in. This is a form of problem-focused coping, which is aimed towards eliminating the stressor altogether (job loss.) Problem-focused coping is consistently associated with obtaining reemployment. Create or update your LinkedIn. Tailor your resume and past job descriptions to the language and tone of the different companies to which you apply. Utilize social media to explore job opportunities. Facebook and Twitter especially have postings listed all the time and not just by hiring managers but by regular employees. Don’t be afraid to reach out to old acquaintances, your sibling’s ex’s, or people you went to high school with for information on who’s hiring or just to let them know what you do. It’s not weird it’s all part of adulting. 

Social Support

Studies show that having a strong circle in your corner for emotional support can help not only with depression, but with obtaining reemployment. The thought is that support helps with self-esteem, fighting against negative self-talk, and as an outlet for expressing emotions. People close to you can help you stay motivated in your job search as well as have their own eyes and ears out for job listings. 

Maintain Self-Esteem

Individuals with higher levels of self-esteem believe that re-employment is certainly achievable. They believe they possess the right tools and talents to navigate the job search ahead. Unemployment has been shown to more strongly affect the mental health of men over women due to household responsibilities. However, not being able to contribute financially to the home is a tremendous stressor that can negatively affect anyone’s self-esteem-male or female. To Maintaining feelings of usefulness is important- whether that’s increasing your help around the house, learning new skills to increase marketability, or creating a schedule to add routine to your day. 

Career & Finance

Balancing your 9-5 and Side Hustle is Possible

Having a side hustle or side business is something that many people are diving into while working their 9-5 job. These days, many people are taking the fast track to create generational wealth for themselves and their family. Adding on a small business in addition to a full time job is a way people are making it happen.

A side hustle or a side business can be anything that you do outside of your regular 9-5 that brings in an extra stream of income. Whether you’re writing resumes, creating artwork for designs, or helping professionals build brands, the options are endless and can eventually turn into your full time career.

Juggling a side hustle while punching the clock is not always an easy task. In fact, we can get so caught up in our ideas for our personal brand that we begin to overwhelm ourselves and take on more than we can bear when we first get started. Having both a 9-5 job and a side hustle isn’t impossible but it does take some strategic planning and you have to be able to balance both and meet the requirements of both your employer and your personal clients or audience. 

Thankfully, your 9-5 can help fund your dreams and passion. But, what happens when you start to get ahead of yourself with goal setting and you’re not seeing the fruits of your labor bloom with your side hustle? There are times when you may wonder, “Is this worth it?” and it completely is but here are a few tips to make sure you’re not in over your head and you can sustain both your full time job and your side hustle.

1. Set realistic, tangible goals: So many times when people are starting a business, they create about 10-15 big goals they’d like to accomplish before the second half of the year. Usually, big goals take longer to achieve and people usually underestimate the amount of time, work, and resources some of those goals may need. Instead, create a few big goals and multiple small goals that will set you up to achieve your milestones. Work in steps in order to stay balanced and not get burned out or discouraged when things don’t happen the way you see them.


2. Follow a schedule that works for you: When balancing a business with your full-time job, it’s easy to lose track of time or not prioritize tasks the way you should. Be realistic about your work ethic and set up different days and times to get tasks done for your business. If you know that Mondays and Wednesdays at work always leave you feeling drained then give yourself those days to rest. Spend Tuesdays and Thursdays working on your business along with a weekend day for planning out important aspects like finances, gaining more clients, and social media branding.


3. Get specific about your clients: So many times you may see a business go under or no longer exist because they cast a net that’s too wide. Get specific about your audience and the type of people you want to serve. Remember to “Dream big but focus small.” The purpose of your side business is to one day allow you to no longer be a full time employee, knowing exactly who your customers are and how to continue to get them to buy into what you’re selling is the way to make that happen. 







What's Happening

MJB Partners with Mac Cosmetics To Celebrate 25 Years Of “My Life”

MAC cosmetics and Mary J Blige are both celebrating 25 years of greatness. This year is the 25th anniversary of Mary’s album My Life and for MAC, the 25th anniversary of Viva Glam, The MAC AIDS FUND. So MJB partnered with MAC for a limited edition love me lipstick collection.

“The campaign is all about me loving me and finding that in myself”-  Mary J. Blige 

The Love Me lipstick collection will have 24 lipsticks this summer, starting with “French Silk “. The Queen was spotted on Instagram wearing the French silk. It is described as a light pink nude lightweight lipstick with a moisturizing satin finish. French Silk can be purchased at Mac cosmetics for $19.

Photo credit: MAC cosmetics

3 Reasons why we are heading to MAC to throw it in the bag!

1. It’s sexy

2. The lipstick is empowering women to love them

3. Mary J Blige

Are you coming with us ?

According to sources This is MJB third collaboration with MAC cosmetics. We will be wide awake to see what else they have up their sleeve .