Self-Love & Relationships

Four Tips to help build your self-esteem

What’s affecting your self-esteem, did you lose your job? having a hard time getting over a bad break up? have you been mentally abused? or just going through ongoing stressful life events? all of these factors can definitely bring you down but not for long. These 4 tips are going to have you saying “I’m […]

Women's Health & Wellness

Everyday is self-care day:12 things you can do to make everyday self-care day

Between working, going to school, running a business, taking care of children, maintaining a household and finding time to hang with friends we barely have time for ourselves. At least, that is what some of us may think. But we are here to tell you, girl pace yourself and make time for you. Self-care is […]

Daily Inspiration

How to Vibrate higher around negative energy

No matter how many negative people you cut off, you can still be surrounded by negative energy at any given time. You can come across negative energy at work, at the mall, in the street, at your favorite restaurant, pretty much anywhere. So how do you handle it? you can either allow them to lower […]


Six tips to protect your edges

I think it’s safe to say most women change hairstyles more than 5 times a year. But sometimes we forget how important it is to take care of our hair in between hairstyles. Especially our edges because your edges are the most sensitive. Here are 6 simple ways to save your edges. Moisturize  It doesn’t matter […]

Healthy Foods & Drinks

Boost your immune system this winter: turmeric latte

You’ve may have seen it on our IG page and said to yourself “wow that looks good, I need to try it.” Well before you try it, let’s talk more about turmeric latte.  Turmeric latte is a popular beverage everyone is talking about. Turmeric latte aka “Golden milk” is a beverage that has been used […]


Before bed skincare routine

One thing we don’t do is fall asleep with a full face of makeup. That’s a big no-no! and the reason why is because sleeping in your makeup can cause breakouts, eye infection, wrinkles, and much more damage. So we make sure to cleanse the makeup and dirt away and then prepare our skin for […]

Skin & Make-up

The best skincare brands – our winter favorites

Winter is here and it’s not a game. Do you have super-duper dry skin? if so, this is for you. Below are some of our winter favorites. Each product is visible in the beauty industry, it’s not hard to find them. 1. Cocoa butter The famous Cocoa brand! Palmers. It provides deep hydration all over […]