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DIY: Detoxify Your Skin AT Home With This Bad Boy

When we think of detox, we usually think of detox drinks or colon cleansers. But you can also detox your body by taking care of the most important external organ, your skin! Did you know that our skin is called the “Third kidney”? It is called the third kidney because our skin’s primary function is to get rid of toxins. So one of the best ways to detox our skin is to use a Dry brush. That’s right! this bad boy can detox your skin from outside-in.

The dry brush method has been used for thousands of years by Greeks, then Japanese and American Indians. They used dry corn cobs to brush off dead cells on their skin. According to researchers, dry brushing with a corn cob was their secret for longevity.

Hmm, if I want to live longer all I have to do is use a corn cob to detox my skin? – exactly my thoughts when I found this out.

Dry brushing involves using a brush or any rough material that can take off dead skin cells. Here’s what else dry brushing is good for:

  • Accelerates toxin elimination
  • Stimulates blood flow and circulation
  • Improve digestion & Kidney Function
  • Reduces cellulite by redistributing Fat cells
  • Unclog pores
  • Stimulate Your Nervous System
  • Enhances lymphatic flow
  • Exfoliates & Remove dead skin
  • Anti-aging through cell regeneration
  • Polishes skin
  • Stimulating both the sweat and sebaceous glands

Use a natural bristle brush with a long handle, so you can reach each part of your body. You can also use a loofah sponge, gloves, or a dry face cloth.

  1. Start brushing your feet then upward your legs. (Brushing the front and back of your legs.)
  2. Then, once you reach your abdomen area always brush towards the direction of your heart. Use brisk circular motions or strokes.
  3. After you finish brushing your abdomen and chest go up your neck and down your arms, back and buttock area. ( do not dry brush your face since your face is very sensitive.)
  4. Remember to brush lightly on sensitive areas like your breasts and soles of the feet.

Note: You can dry brush before or after a shower. Most women dry brush in the morning, since toxins build up when we are sleeping. After brushing it is recommended to drink eight glasses of filtered water because water also help remove toxins. In addition to drinking eight glasses of water, you should massage your skin with pure oils. Like almond, avocado, olive, cocoa butter or coconut. This will help keep your skin hydrated.

Dry brushing is not recommended for pregnant women or women with sores and sensitive skin. For everyone else, purchase a dry brush at your local beauty supply store and practice this skin care regimen 5-6 times per week for 5-10 mins, to get faster results.


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Combination Skin:Tips and Products To Try

I have combination skin, meaning that I have dry skin in some areas of my face and oily skin in other areas on my face. Usually, my t-zone tends to be the oily area, like around my eyebrows, nose, and chin. While my dry areas are on my cheeks and chin. Having combination skin can make it a bit more challenging to take care of your face and keep it clear. But I’ve found a few tips and products that work really well for my combination skin and address some of the common problems that we encounter with combination skin. However, there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to combination skin. Therefore what has worked for me may not work for you but you just might find something to add to your routine.


Having a morning and night routine is crucial. Consistently using the products that work well for your skin will help it to stay healthy. In the mornings, I typically use a cleanser and follow it up with a toner and moisturizer. While at night, I use a cleanser and follow it up with a toner, serum, and moisturizer.

Currently, I’ve been using the Mario Badescu combo oily kit which simplifies the process of creating a routine because all of the products that I need are right there and work well together.

Mario Badescu Combo Oily Kit

Gentle Cleanser

A great cleanser that I use for combination skin is micellar water. Micellar water “is made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water. “The idea is that micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, so they are able to draw out impurities without drying out the skin.” There are many different brands that sell micellar water. 

Garnier Micellar Gel Face Wash Combination Skin

Rosewater Micellar Cleanser for Combination Skin

SEPHORA Collection Triple Action Cleansing Water – Cleanse + Purify


I also like to exfoliate my face twice a week. This helps to get rid of any impurities in my pores at a deeper level then my cleanser does and helps to refresh my skin. I use an exfoliator that is great for all skin types since I have two different skin types that I’m working with. Some great exfoliators to consider include

SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub

Oil Blotting Sheets

I discovered these this summer, but for the times when I have excess oil on my t zone area, I use oil blotting sheets. These work pretty well. Below are a few brands that sell them:

e.l.f. Mattifying Blotting Papers – 25ct

Unscented Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Facial Blotting Sheets – 50ct

Petal Fresh Aburatorigami

I hope some of these tips are helpful! What tips and products do you use for your combination skin? Let us know in the comments section below!

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The Only Sweat Proof Beauty Routine You Need This Summer

Don’t you hate it when you put on a fresh beat face only to have half of it melt off? All hope is not lost, with the right skincare prep and products it is possible to sweat-proof your makeup. Whether you want to look cute at the SoulCycle or dance the night away without your makeup budging, we have the perfect beauty routine.

Step 1: Prep + Prime

Great makeup begins with a great primer. Aim for primers that feel a little tacky because it will give your foundation something to stick to. Our favorite is Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer. It goes on smooth while keeping oil at bay.

An additional step you can take before putting on your foundation is spraying on a setting spray. That may seem like backward logic but this is another trick to make sure your foundation adheres to your skin. A holy grail setting pray we love is  Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.

Step 2: Foundation 

Not all foundations are made to withstand the tests of sweat. And not all waterproof foundations are designed to give you a cake-free natural look. Choose a foundation that is both long-wearing and hydrating. This not only ensures your make up stays put but it won’t look like you piled a bunch of foundation on your face. Our favorite is Revlon Color Stay Foundation.

If you’d rather skip the full coverage foundation and reach for a light BB cream, a sweat proof option is Black Radiance True Radiance BB Cream.

Step 3: Eyes

There’s nothing more embarrasing than the dreaded mascara swear. A classic drug store brand we love is CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara. Why? It’s tougher than teflon and won’t move no matter how much you sweat or cry (tears of joy, hopefully).

You spent all morning on that winged liner, don’t let it succumb to sweat. A long lasting and smudge proof eyeliner that does the job is Maybelline’s Tattoo Studio Eye Liner. 

Step 4: Brows

Keep your eyebrow game strong with MAC’s Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow set. This non-greasy and pigmented formula was designed to give you the best brows and keep them from smudging.

Step 5: Set

The last step to your makeup routine should be with a setting powder. Our favorite brown girl friendly powder is the Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder. It comes in 7 shades to choose from and won’t give you flashback.

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Makeup Free Beauty Tips

While makeup is a great way to enhance one’s beauty, being an esthetician, I know skincare and our internal routine makes us even more beautiful. If you’re ready to take a break from makeup here are some simple tricks and tips for looking just as beautiful and feeling just as confident without makeup.

1. Drink it up

Drinking tons of water, paired with green juices full of fruit and vegetables has an amazing effect on skin. Whenever I am juicing, I notice my skin has a bright glow to it, almost like a natural highlight. Be sure to add more natural juices and water to your diet for a glow that comes from the inside out.

2. Exfoliate

Another great way to get amazing skin results is by exfoliating your skin. Exfoliating gets rid of all of the nasty, dead skin on the skin’s surface and makes way for beautiful, clear healthy skin to shine through. Be sure to exfoliate at least once a week to reveal vibrant skin.


3. Moisturize

Adding a moisturizer that fits your skin type to clean skin adds a nice illumination to your face. You can add a little extra to your cheek-bones for a natural highlight in the same place you would put a highlighter.

4. Tame your brows

Defined brows can make all the difference with or without makeup. Brows frame your face and tamed brows look so appealing. It doesn’t matter if you like the thin or full brow look, brush your brows before you head out to compliment your look.

5. Moisturize your lips

Let’s face it, no one likes a chapped, flaky lip. Exfoliate your lips then apply a tinted or non tinted chapstick for a natural well-nourished lip look.

Remember true beauty starts within. It’s great to give yourself makeup free days or weeks to get the best skin results as possible. Eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can and drink plenty of water for clear, flawless skin.

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MJB Partners with Mac Cosmetics To Celebrate 25 Years Of “My Life”

MAC cosmetics and Mary J Blige are both celebrating 25 years of greatness. This year is the 25th anniversary of Mary’s album My Life and for MAC, the 25th anniversary of Viva Glam, The MAC AIDS FUND. So MJB partnered with MAC for a limited edition love me lipstick collection.



“The campaign is all about me loving me and finding that in myself”-  Mary J. Blige 


The Love Me lipstick collection will have 24 lipsticks this summer, starting with “French Silk “. The Queen was spotted on Instagram wearing the French silk. It is described as a light pink nude lightweight lipstick with a moisturizing satin finish. French Silk can be purchased at Mac cosmetics for $19.

Photo credit: MAC cosmetics

3 Reasons why we are heading to MAC to throw it in the bag!

1. It’s sexy

2. The lipstick is empowering women to love them

3. Mary J Blige

Are you coming with us ?

According to sources This is MJB third collaboration with MAC cosmetics. We will be wide awake to see what else they have up their sleeve .

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Everything You Need To Know About The No-Waste Beauty Trend

It’s no secret that the beauty industry use a ton of plastic–we’re talking 129 billion units worth. What’s even more shocking is that the plastic pumps, tubes, and applicators you use today will probably still be piled up in a landfill in 2519. Ready for another unbelievable prediction? The Ellen Macarthur Foundation predicts that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Let’s just say a prayer for our little fish homies and their habitat.

What makes personal care plastics a little different from regular household waste is that most of them aren’t recycled. In fact, 91% of plastic doesn’t get recycled. Why? Only certain types of plastics are recyclable and the plastic used by the cosmetics companies isn’t. Cosmetic companies have become aware of this issue and have made their packaging from recycled material or/and recyclable material. Thus, the “no-waste beauty” movement was created.

Adopting a no-waste beauty habit means that you are not sending anything to the landfill by recycling, upcycling, and reusing products. A no-waste beauty routine can be extremely difficult considering the fact that it requires you to shake up your lifestyle, but it isn’t impossible. Here are a couple of ways you can cut down on your beauty routine’s impact on the environment.

Don’t Throw Away Empty Packaging

Skip the trash when you’re getting rid of your empty packaging. Instead, send them to a company that recycles cosmetic and beauty product plastic. We love TerraCycle’s recycling program because it makes recycling your empties a breeze. All you have to do is print out a pre-paid shipping label provided by TerraCycle and ship off your clean empties. What’s great is that they recycle all of those hard-to-recycle plastics and turn them into raw material which is then used to make things like playground sets, park benches, and bike racks. How dope is that?

What we also love about these programs is that you can even earn rewards for recycling. MAC, for instance, has a system in place where you bring in six empty containers to one of their counters you get a free lipstick of your choice. If that doesn’t make you want to recycle, I don’t know what will!

Use Products with Recycled or Recyclable Packaging

Since reducing plastic is the reason behind the no-waste beauty movement, opting for cosmetics and personal care products is always a great way of reducing your impact on the environment. Aside from using glass containers, many brands have begun packaging their products in biodegradable material. Laura Napier packages and makes their face toilettes with recyclable plastic, and they are manufactured with solar energy. Not to mention, Laura Napier is black owned. Talk about reducing your carbon footprint and supporting black businesses!

Reuse and Refill Your Empties

If you’re like me, you grew up in a household where the butter cookie tin also doubled as a storage container once all the cookies were gone. Well, do the same thing with your empty beauty product containers. A brand that allows you to reuse their packaging as food storage is Loli. Their cute little jars are perfect for fruit preserves! Another idea for upcycling your empty beauty product containers is to use them for DIY skin care, you’ll be saving the environment and saving money. Who said recycling couldn’t be economical. 

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Juicing Your Way To Clear Skin

When I first learned about juicing I tried making all kinds of crazy juices. I had no clue what I was doing and once even juiced a sweet potato. Since then I have read up on juicing, the benefits for health and beauty and found a ton of great recipes. Once I got the hang of juicing I experienced some amazing benefits like better sleep, more energy, less random nausea, lighter periods, clearer skin, brighter eyes, less breakouts. Everything just felt better and looked better when I juiced. When I went back to working full time I stopped juicing as often but being back at home and spending so much of my time on pinterest has awakened my desire to get back to juicing.

One of the benefits I loved from juicing was having amazingly clear skin. I never suffered from acne but I do get occasional pimples, had eczema growing up and have had dark circles for as long as I can remember. When I juice I don’t experience any of that. My skin looks so vibrant without makeup and just has a glow to it from the inside out. 

Here are a few of my favorite juices for clear, vibrant skin.

1. Celery detox


2 stalks of celery

A handful of spinach or kale

1 green apple

Half of a lemon of lime

2. No more acne


3 carrots

1 inch slice of ginger

¼ tsp cinnamon

Squeeze of lemon juice

3. Turmeric for clear skin

3 carrots

1 inch piece of turmeric root

½ cucumber

Juice of 1 full lemon

1 cup of water

4. Beet acne juice

1 beet

1 apple

1 orange

5. Glowing skin from within

2 cups of filtered water

Juice of one full organic lemon

½ tbs of organic raw honey

1 organic peeled cucumber

6. No more eczema

2 carrots

2 celery stalks

3 parley leaves

A handful of spinach

7. Dark circles be gone

1 cucumber

2 celery stalks

Half of an apple

A handful of spinach or kale

I hope these recipes are as good to your body and skin as they have been to mine. Let us know how they work out for you!

What is your go-to juice for clear skin?

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Lip Makeup: 3 Steps To Get A Perfect Pout

When I started wearing makeup, my focus was always on achieving a flawless foundation and getting that JLo Glow. On the other hand, lips were never my cup of tea. Before learning this technique I kept my lips pretty basic using only lip gloss. I went from using one lip product to now using 3 lip products. Yes three: Lip Liner, Lipstick, and a gloss ( or another lipstick of a lighter shade for the center of my lips). I know, it sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. Ok, maybe it is but the results are so bomb that it is honestly worth the whole 2 minutes it takes me to put on my lipstick.

I love this technique so much that I wanted to write this post because I want to encourage women to be more creative with their lip makeup. I truly believe that a well-applied lipstick can make any makeup look go from every day to glam with a few simple steps. Lastly, I want to show you that it is possible to get the appearance of fuller lips without any invasive procedures. Honestly, this is why I love makeup; it allows us to enhance or minimize features without taking drastic measures.  Ok so here are the steps that I take to create the illusion of fuller lips. 

You will need 

  1. A Lip Liner
  2. A Lipstick
  3. A Lip Gloss or a Lipstick lighter than the first one

Step 1: Defining and Redefining Your Lower and Upper Lip

Lower Lip

  • Using your Lip Liner of choice begin at the center of the lower lip line. Create a dark line as shown in picture #1,

**Note: Overdrawing your lower lip in this specific place will create a shadow. This will give you the illusion of a fuller lower lip.

  •  Create a softer line on each side of your lips as shown in picture #2.


**Note: Keep the liner on the sides of your lower lip as natural as possible. Do not press down as hard. You want to avoid the color being too intense in this particular area. Overdrawing on the side would be detectable and look obvious. Notice that in picture #2 the darkest part of the lower lip liner is at the center right above my chin! This is important!!


Upper Lip

  • Using your liner lets begin to line the upper lip. Start at the cupids bow pressing the liner flat against the contour of your cupids bow and trace slightly above. 

**Note: The area that I am referring to is the rim above the fleshy pink of your lip. That is where you will draw with your liner with a light hand. 

**Note: Unlike the center of the lower lip, which can be dramatically overdrawn, when overdrawing the upper lip you need to be careful not to go overboard. The upper lip is more visible and therefore the liner is more detectable.


  • Now continue to trace the sides of your upper lips slightly above its natural contour. DO NOT go overboard on the sides of the upper lip.

Recommendations: I love using Dry/ Matte Lip Liners such as the MAC Cosmetic’s Lip Pencils and NYX’s Slim Lip Pencils for two reasons:  

  1. They allow you to create a good contour on the lip, this is what helps with the illusion of volume. Think of it as when we are contouring our face. A Matte Bronzers helps carve out your features and a matte lip liner will help you carve out the shape you desire, plus add shadows.
  2. Matte Lip Liners are a good foundation for your lipsticks because they are long-lasting. This means your lipstick has something solid to attach to.


Step 2:  Lipstick Application

  • Using your lipstick of choice, start by applying the lipstick on the outer part of your lips closest to the lip liner you created.  Work your way inward.
  • Stop before reaching the middle of the lips and press your lips together to spread and blend the liner with the lipstick.

**Note: You will notice that the center of your lips is slightly lighter than the corners. This is what we want in order to create a highlight effect. The light will bounce off this lighter area on the center of your lips and it will give you the appearance of fuller juicer lips.

Don’t worry if it looks a bit off, it will all come together. Trust Me!


Step 3: Lip Gloss or Lighter Lipstick Application

  • With your gloss or lighter lips stick, carefully apply to the center of your lips.

** Note: Here is the second most important step of the entire process; the lip liner process is the most important step. This is because it is the lip liner that will allow you to create the shadows needed to give the illusion of more volume. Now, the Lip Gloss or the Lighter Lipstick is what will create a highlight at the center of the lips. This draws attention to the meatier part of your lips by reflecting light.

  • Bring your lips together and spread the lip gloss/ lighter lipstick slightly. You want to keep this lighter shade in the center. This also helps create an ombre look, which is so cute and shows that your lipstick game is on Point GIRL!!


OK, WE ARE DONE!  That took no time at all right? 

LOL  OK, Yes I know it is a lot, but Girl it’s so worth the time. You don’t have to do this every day. This can be your little secret weapon for when you want to look extra cute and sexy, for a night out with your girls, or a HOT DATE !!



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The Best Tinted Moisturizers To Get A Natural Glow This Summer

There’s nothing like having fun in the sun, but summer can be the worst time for those who wear foundation. If you live in New York you know that the humidity in New York is just ridiculous. As soon as you beat your face the humidity is beating the foundation out of you. It’s not a good look nor a good feeling. That’s why a tinted moisturizer is the perfect alternative to foundation. It can cover blemishes, dark spots and protect your skin against the sun. Here are four great tinted moisturizers to use this summer.

1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer comes in 15 shades, which is a big deal for us because not many brands offer 15 tinted shades. It makes your skin glow, covering pores and dark spots. This tube can last you a long time !

2. Ultra Repair Tinted Moisturizer

This brand doesn’t come in 15 shades but luckily I was able to find my shade, which is the darkest shade they have “ Rich”. Ultra repair tinted moisturizer is the perfect substitute for foundation. it’s a lightweight cream that reduces my redness and dark spots.

3. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30

NARS - Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Martinique 1.9 oz
Ulta beauty ($45.00)

This tinted moisturizer provides coverage and reduce discoloration as well as dark spots caused by hyper-pigmentation. It’s lightweight cream will give you a natural looking glow.

4. Black Up Matifying Tinted Moisturizer

This tinted moisturizer is made for women of color. It evens the skin tone and boosts radiance while leaving a matte finish. Perfect to use as a lightweight foundation.

Have you used any of these tinted moisturizers before ?

Let us know which one worked for you. 


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10 Natural Beauty Tips From An Esthetician To Give You Healthy Glowing Skin

I learned a lot in esthetics school, working at spas as well as freelancing at MAC Cosmetics but I accredit most of my knowledge of skin care in what I learned working in the beauty care department at a health food store. There I learned our skin and overall health was directly related and affected by what we consumed. 

I learned a simple lesson that I hadn’t put much thought into before, our bodies will always work on healing what is most important first. Therefore if you are eating an unhealthy diet and living an unhealthy lifestyle that causes your body to work overtime to keep your heart, liver, kidneys and lungs working properly guess what gets taken care of last? That’s right your hair, skin and nails. So when we are binging on all the things we know we don’t need we are working against our beauty routine, even if we’re using the best most expensive products on the market. 

Everything starts from within so when you give your body everything it needs nutritionally, limit your alcohol use, workout out frequently, eat plenty of fruits and plants and drink water your body can work at keeping you beautiful externally, aiding in hair and nail growth and keeping your skin glowing. 

I must start by saying I am not a nutritionist but I have noticed how health and daily routines have affected my own as well as hundreds of past clients physical appearance. 

Here are 10 beauty tips that work!

1. Fruit for breakfast for glowing skin, sweet smell and slimmer waist

Eating a meal of fruit only for breakfast works as an amazing detoxification. When you eat fruit instead of a heavy meal or meat you allow your body to use fruit fibers to clean out whatever you ate the day before. When your body is stopped up with stool which happens often when consuming the Standard American Diet toxins often get trapped and have no way to release therefore release through your skin causing breakouts. Eating a diet with a ton of fresh fruits also makes you produce a better natural scent both through your sweat and natural vaginal secretions. 

2. Plenty of water for dark circles, energy and waste elimination

I love water. I probably drink a gallon a day and when I’m in a situation where I can’t get my hands on water quickly enough I get irritable. Water prevents daytime fatigue and unlike coffee has no negative side effects. So instead of reaching for coffee in the morning water should be the first thing you drink. Water also helps to eliminate waste. The more water you drink the easier it is to pass stool. Another great benefit of water is clearer skin and less noticeable dark circles. Water aids in giving you a more refreshed, polished glowing look so drink up ladies. If you’re someone who finds the taste of water boring add fruit or sliced cucumbers.

3. Exfoliation for glowing clear skin, super soft lips and acne  

I remember working at Mac or doing photo shoots and having to pile makeup on top of flaking, dead, dry skin. Often times the clients just put moisturizer on top of their dry skin then makeup not even realizing that the dead skin had to go. Exfoliation is so important to keeping your skin clear. When you have excessive dead skin on your face and put moisturizer on top of that your pores become clogged and all of that excessive oil turns into acne and breakouts. Purchase a facial brush to remove dead skin from your face as you wash. For dry lips mix a tablespoon of brown sugar, a teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of honey together then apply to your lips and gently scrub then rinse. This mixture can also be made to exfoliate your body.

4. Plenty of fresh vegetables for clear skin, long hair and strong nails

Vegetables work wonders at keeping your skin looking amazing, hair growing and nails strong. Find some green veggies that you can’t get enough of and eat them as much as possible. Celery and cucumbers are filled with tons of water and have great effects on your skin, naturally lightening dark under eyes and giving you a natural glow. If chowing down on tons of veggies isn’t ideal for you then juice them! Start with either a few celery stalks or a cucumber, add some dark green leafy veggies, add an apple or pear for flavor and finish off with a lemon or lime for an amazing juice that will keep you looking gorgeous. 

5.Coconut oil for gorgeous hair skin and teeth

The memes about coconut oil are hilarious but true! Coconut oil is literally a gift from the beauty Gods! You can whiten your teeth and avoid cavities by oil pulling with coconut oil which is basically the process of swirling coconut oil in your mouth for ten minutes or so before spitting out and rinsing your mouth. This process helps whiten teeth as well as does a deep cleanse that your toothpaste simply can not. Coconut oil can also be used as a hot oil treatment for hair, day to day leave in and moisturizer for skin. As one of the few oils that can penetrate beneath the skins surface coconut oil provides plenty of moisture to dry thirsty hair and skin.

6. Avoid Alcohol like the plague for clear moisturized skin

I’m not going to lie, I love a good drank especially on days where I have no responsibilities the next day and can enjoy myself. However I notice when I’m not drinking my skin looks so much more vibrant and youthful so these days I’m reaching for water much more than wine. If you have an event you want to look especially good for avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible the weeks leading up because it literally dries your skin up. If you can’t avoid it, drink plenty of water during and after your drinking and eat as much fresh fruits and veggies following your drinking night. 

7. Sweat for clear skin and avoiding cellulite

Of course we all know that exercising frequently can lead to staying in shape but did you know that sweating is actually good for your skin? Sweating is another way to release toxins from your body through your skin. When you don’t get enough exercise those toxin have one less way to release themselves and often come out through your skin in breakouts. By exercising frequently you allow those toxins to naturally release themselves. Many people think cellulite is inevitable but it is absolutely not. Cellulite is a result of eating unhealthy foods and not getting enough exercise. When you sit for long periods of time it is easy for fat pockets/cellulite to form in your legs and butt. By exercising frequently you combat those pockets from forming by staying active. 

8. Extract blackheads for clear flawless skin

I didn’t learn about extracting until I went to esthetics school. I had a nose full of blackheads that always seemed to come back after using the drugstore pull off strips. Those strips only extract the surface leaving the actual blackhead intact. To rid yourself of blackheads you need to first carefully steam your face and then either use an extractor or q-tips to push up the black heads on your nose and chin. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself visit a licensed esthetician for a facial.

9. Avocado for anti aging 

Working in the body care department for a health food store I had to learn all about carrier and essential oils their benefits and how they affected the body. One of the many things I learned is how great avocado works for anti aging in both consuming and in using the carrier oil. If you haven’t already start incorportating avocados in your diet. You can eat it with toast, alone, as guacamole and put it in your smoothies. Using the carrier oil on your skin as a moisturizer is another great way to benefit from its anti aging properties. 

10. Argan, Olive and Almond oil for cleansing skin and makeup removal

Argan, Olive and Almond oils all have anti bacterial properties and are perfect for removing makeup and cleansing skin. You can use a cotton ball or pad to remove any makeup. This method gently removes makeup while cleansing skin without over drying. Once your makeup is removed you can rinse off the oil and continue your normal cleansing process.

There you have it 10 natural ways to keep your skin shining all season!