What's Happening is on hiatus: Here’s why !

In my previous post, I challenged you to do things you could never imagine doing. Well! here I go, doing scary sh*t. But this is not the end we are just getting started.

This year has been a great learning experience for me. I went through a process of trial and error. Trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t . After careful observation I think it is time to re-brand and re-purpose our content.

I noticed a lack of engagement on our website and on our IG. It hasn’t been easy trying to get you guys to engage with us. Instagram only showed our content to about 10 % of our followers. This is no good. But I’ve been paying attention……. I know what some of you care about.

So I am using this time off to give Pour Toi a make over. The Goal is to still inspire women to glow up but I want to provide a space that is personal and easy to navigate. There will be some major changes, I won’t discuss now. I’ll rather spring a surprise.


While we are away I want you all to focus on your goals for 2020. Think positive and focus on the positive. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all have a delete button. Don’t be afraid to delete or block negativity from your page.

@pourtoi_____ ( Our old Logo)

One last thing, don’t leave us hanging. Stay tuned! subscribe right now to our email list. I’m always looking to glow with ambitious women so If you have an idea you want to pitch or would like to collaborate just slide in our email at

Make this year a good one. Happy New Year!

Do you PourToi ,


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