Here’s Why You Should Live Abroad for at Least 3 Months

3 months!

That’s all it takes to adapt to a new town, whether it’s in your own country or outside. Three months is enough time for you to get acclimated into a new society. Of course, we are all different in a special kind of way, so three months isn’t a solid fact that is synonymous to everyone. Each of our adjustment periods vary from individual to individual. 

With that being said, giving yourself at least 3 months to adjust to a new city or quaint town contributes immensely to the overall growth of our personal character. Whether you’re planning to work in Ghana for 6 months or at a social hostel in Argentina, here are 5 reasons why you should live abroad for at least 3 months. 

1. 3 Months is enough time to get settled

Picture this: You accept a job offer in Ghana for 6 months. You’ll be working as a Communications Associate at a well-known non-profit organization based in Accra. Salary’s great, benefits are solid, plus you got secure medical insurance through your job. Sweet, right? 

6 months isn’t a long time in your head but trust, once you land, them 6 months gonna feel like 5 years away. For the first three months, life is just giving you lemons. Yet imagine your contract is only 3 months long and you didn’t even get to make the lemonade with the lemons from life. That’s only half the experience. Don’t rip yourself off! Take the chance and find a job with a longer contract.

2. The personal growth is real 

2 years ago, I decided to stop mid-college career to live and study abroad in Belgium for 10 months. Did I know what I was getting into? Absolutely not. But, I did grow into a well-rounded, open woman. Personal growth is the best gift you can give to yourself. Some of our greatest lessons are learned at the moments we least expect it. Traveling brings out the best in us and challenges us to look deep within ourselves to be the best person of ourselves.

3. Learning a new language/culture becomes useful 

Whoever told you learning a new language is useless can’t dream beyond their own scope of reality. When you live abroad, those French classes you took in high school become useful and work to your advantage. Even though it may be a bit difficult to adjust, your brain is getting the exercise it needs while conjugating verbs. Useful, right?

4. Getting a job becomes a piece of cake 

Your future job will praise you for living abroad and will most likely consider you over the other candidates. Just when you thought getting a job could get any easier: it did! Your resume will be pure gold.

5. You will appreciate ‘home’

We all get tired of ‘home’ but what if I tell you that you’d probably begin to appreciate it more once you leave? Home is where the heart is and once you live abroad, ‘home’ becomes more significant. You begin to miss the little things from ‘home’ such as the corner store around the block or even the little coffee shop you used to hang out in. These little things begin to stand out to you, making you appreciate where you come from. 

Living abroad has its perks and its downsides. Although living abroad may seem very intimidating, don’t you think you’re missing out on the many joys life has to offer? That’s what living abroad is all about. 

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