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Here Are The Best Job Apps All Job Seekers Should Know About

Social media has created a fake reality that has made people believe that they can just wake up and become entrepreneurs. This has encouraged many people to leave their jobs to become their own bosses. The fact of the matter is that most individuals are not born with an entrepreneurial spirit. They don’t have the drive to start a business and take risks. Let’s face it. There are still people out here that enjoy working Monday through Friday from 9am to 5 pm while having the weekend to themselves. There are also individuals that are currently searching for new positions and looking for ways to advance their careers. If you are one of these people then we understand you. We understand that you prefer set hours, a guaranteed paycheck every week and benefits such as a 401k and vacation pay. We also understand that you may be sick and tired of working at your current job. That’s why we did some searching for you. We found the best job search apps available on IOS and Android.


LinkUp is known for having the latest Job listings. It allows users to search for the latest jobs directly on companies websites, you can apply on your iPhone or Android. The app also allows you to save and view previous searches.

CareerBuilder Job Search

If is one of your favorite sites for job searching, than you’ll definitely like the app version. With the app version you are able to search and apply to several job postings at any time and any where. You can download the app for free on your iPhone, iPad or Android.


Snagajob gives you easy access to their database of new job listings and matches you with jobs that are good for you. They offer a personality quiz for you to take and attach to your profile so employers can learn more about you. Not bad right ? This app is also free and can be downloaded on an iPhone and android.


JobAware is an app that utilizes technologies like social networks, salary comparisons and more to help you find the right job for you . It has amazing features that both educate and enable you to be successful in your job search. This app can be downloaded for free on an iPhone, iPad or Android.

Good &Co

If you’re still wondering where you should work or what type of work you should do, Good &Co is perfect for you. Good &Co is design to help you find both a career and yourself. That’s right, it is also a self discovery app. They offer personality quizzes that ask questions like What Are Your unique Strengths? And What Are Your Weakness? The app then offers you companies and jobs that match your personality and work style.

LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn app is mainly use for professional networking and job searching. With customizable search tools, job alerts, and company information, you’ll have all the info you need to apply and connect with the right professionals. You can find this app for free in the Apple store and/or google play.


The secret to using the ziprecruiter app is to first upload your resume from Dropbox, google drive, or import it from LinkedIn. Once you do this you are good to go, you can apply to jobs immediately on your iPad, iPhone , or android.


WayUp is the perfect app for college students and recent graduates. You’re able to search for intern positions and/or regular positions. WayUp app only offer you jobs that match your career level.

Don’t let social media control your mind. We still need cashiers, bank tellers, tax preparers, mortgage brokers, doctors , nurses , pharmacists, lawyers and the list goes on.

I hope this blog encourage you to start your job search.



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