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Period Products To Consider For Your Next Cycle

Women have been getting their periods since the beginning of time. Now more than ever, there have been more options created for women (and some by women) to choose from when it comes to period products. Below is a list of products for you to consider before your next cycle.

menstrual cups

Menstrual cups – Menstrual cups are small bell-shaped cups that are often made from silicone or rubber. In order to insert it into your vagina, you fold the flaps of the cup, push it in and the cup opens up, once it’s inside of you. Your period blood then falls into the cup. There are many pros to using menstrual cups versus pads and/or tampons. They are reusable. Also, you can wear a menstrual cup for up to 12 hours, whereas with tampons and pads, have to be changed at least every 4 hours to 6 hours. For those who are concerned about the chemicals often found in tampons and pads, menstrual cups do not contain these chemicals.

Organic pads/tampons – Regular pads and tampons contain certain chemicals such as, odor neutralizers and artificial fragrances which are laced with artificial colors, polyester, adhesives, polyethylene (PET), polypropylene and propylene glycol (PEG), contaminants linked to hormone disruption, cancer, birth defects, dryness, and infertility. In addition, sometimes these chemicals can cause irritation, itchiness, rashes, or harmful reactions for some women. If you want to avoid these chemicals there are now other options via the use of organic pads and tampons which are made with organic cotton which does not contain any of these chemicals.

Reusable Pads – Reusable pads are made from cotton. While they may cost more money than your average box of tampons or pads, they can last up to 5 years! How do reusable pads work? According to GladRags the pads “consist of one holder and two inserts. This versatile design ensures thorough cleaning and allows you to make them mini or maxi by using one, two, or even three inserts. All of our pads have wings that snap around the gusset of most styles of underwear. This holds them in place while you go about your day–no adhesives necessary. Change the complete pad (holder and inserts) every 2 to 6 hours or as needed and wash to reuse.”

ThinxThinx is period-proof of underwear. They feel and fit like regular underwear however, they are designed with period-proof material that allows them to be absorbent. According to their website “our washable, reusable undies absorb your period and are a more sustainable solution than single-use disposable products. Depending on your flow (light, medium, heavy), Thinx can replace pads, tampons, liners, and cups, or be worn with tampons and cups for extra protection.” Prices range from $29 to $39 per pair.

There are even subscription boxes!

LOLA – According to their website LOLA “subscriptions are customizable, flexible, and convenient to make sure you have exactly what you need when you need it — with free standard shipping every time.” You get to choose from a variety of period and sex products for your needs. They send you a reminder email before your period comes to put in your order and there is no commitment. Their products include tampons, pads, multivitamin and oil roll-on a blend for cramp relief. Prices range from $10 – $26.

The Period Store – The subscription service starts at just about $15 dollars a month. According to their website, The Period Store “will send you a special treat package that includes a 5×7 limited edition print, a gourmet treat, 2 tea bags, and 3 packets of medicine (cramp tabs or ibuprofen). You can choose to just receive the treat package or you can add on different lady products from our store. You can set it up so you receive the same product each month, or you can change it up each month. It’s up to you!”

Let us know of any other period products that you use!

By Cassandre

Hello! My name is Cassandre. I am a Content Writer and Blogger. I enjoy creating content for millennial women, women of color and moms. My writing journey began in the summer of 2016 when I took a leap of faith and quit my job to pursue my passion for writing. Prior to that, I kept pursuing jobs because I was good at them but I had this gnawing in my Spirit that told me that God had intended so much more for my life. For years, I had been drawn to writing, (started journaling when I was in the fourth grade!) but I didn't think that I was good enough to call myself a Writer. It felt too weighty of a title to bestow upon myself. But since taking that leap of faith, I have learned so much in my valleys and my hills, including the undeniable truth that I am and always will be a Writer. Asides from writing, you can find me curled up reading a good book, dancing to some Zouk or Afrobeat music, or trying some dope food at a restaurant with my son.

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