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Here’s Why You Should Start Following Jada Pinkett-Smith

Self help and self love comes in many different forms and is a constant revelation for many people. While some people turn to books and articles to learn more about the subject matter, many people are turning in to Instagram and watching Jada Pinkett-Smith drop gems on the topics.

The actress, wife, mother, and now host has been transparent in sharing her journey of self love as well as other inspirational lifestyle topics. She’s seen most times with her daughter, Willow and her mother on their show “Red Table Talk” dropping gems about relationships, love, friendships, even traumas. Smith invites you into her mind and her heart as she shares relatable issues she’s dealt with and is still dealing with in her late 40s. While the Red Table Talk is currently on hiatus until the next season, she is inspiring the masses with her weekly chats on her Instagram page. 

Smith reminds her followers on a consistent basis that the most important love is self-love and the relationship you should constantly work on, is the one you have with yourself. One inspiring message she sent to her followers was, “The journey to self love can be a brutal process. Especially in those moments when we must deny ourselves that which is familiar…but harmful. Like releasing victim-hood and embracing personal power.“ She then added to her message, “Without personal power/self love, there is no foundation to build love for someone else because it’s the power needed to dissolve the ego which is our greatest obstacle to truly loving through its brutal and unkind nature.”

With the messages she sends, she also opens up about her own journey with mental health and overcoming trauma to reach the level of self love she has for herself today. She shares with the audience, her practices of “deep self love” and how to properly feed your spirit as well as heal yourself. A few things she shares is to watch what you eat, the things you consume via tv and social media, how you care for your body, and the people you surround yourself with to name a few. 

Self love is a daily practice and not something that comes overnight. It is a process that requires consistency and the best version of you at all times. 

Smith shares all of her inspirational gems on her Instagram.

By Gené Hunter

Gené Hunter is a published entertainment journalist and lifestyle blogger. When she’s not creating content, she's somewhere binge watching The Office on Netflix, thrifting, or enjoying a good happy hour with her friends. She enjoys writing and talking about all things inspiration and the journey of womanhood.

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