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6 Tips To Save Money This Summer

I haven’t always been great at saving money in the summer. I have kept the air conditioner on for hours. I have spent tons of money eating out. I even signed up for gym memberships, using them for a while then forgetting all about them. If you have any of these problems then keep reading.

1. Cut down on air conditioning

First things first turn the AC off girl. Use a floor or ceiling fan. A lot of people underestimate ceiling fans but it gets the job done, making you feel just as nice and cool as you felt with the air conditioner on. If you’re in a hot climate try using a programmable thermostats, which can cut down energy costs. Also, replace your air filters regularly. Sources say dirty filters are less efficient and increase cooling costs.

2. Save on Laundry

Nice weather is a good reason to air dry your clothes for free. Give your dryer a break or even better save your quarters you was about to use on drying your clothes at the laundromat. Change up your laundry habits, this is an easy way to save money in the summer.

3. Skip The Gym

If possible, cancel or put your membership on hold in the summer time. Try running or jogging in the park. I don’t know about you but that funky smell at the gym drive me crazy. At least when you’re working out outdoors you can smell the fresh air and you can get a cool breeze while working out.

4. Save on Transportation

This one might be hard but rather than driving, consider taking a ride with a friend or family member. Another way to save gas money is to take public transportation or even better you can walk if you live close to work. If you feel like you have to drive, try using this site to search for the best gas prices in your area.

5. Save on electricity

Day time is the best time to save on electricity. Turn the lights off and open up your curtains , let the sun shine on you girl! Another tip, enjoy the weather and go out more rather than staying in. Go for a walk, do more outside activities. If you have work to do grab your laptop and head to your front porch or head to the library.

6. Pack a lunch for work

Never mind where everyone else is going for lunch you have your own. You also have your own coffee, that’s right. Keep your $2.00 or $5.00 in your pocket and make your own coffee at home. One thing that actually worked for me was meal prepping. Start prepping on Sunday and make foods that you will enjoy for Monday thru Wednesday. Then Thursday and Friday treat yourself but don’t go too crazy especially if you’re trying to save money.

If you ever feel like you about to spend more money than you should just come back to this post. We are here to remind you to keep your coins in your pocket!

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