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Combatting the Highlights of Social Media

Social media gives us access to so many things these days. Our whole world and most of our interactions are digital. We’re able to have our favorite brands and celebrities right at our fingertips. Ten years ago, the digital space was not as accessible as it is today and the social media industry comes with a lot of pros and cons.

Recently, celebrity stylist and actress Karrueche spoke on a panel at Blavity’s Summit21 conference and gave her thoughts on social media. She expressed how there are many times we see people only posting their highlights. Now, not saying that people should show the behind the scenes and traumatic events of their life but there are times where we could benefit from seeing less highlights and more relatable content. 


“I have a love/hate relationship with social media because it seems like nobody wants to be themselves anymore. There’s so much more life than what people show, people aren’t being real with their audience or even themselves.”

Karrueche told the audience full of young 20-somethings who probably scroll their Instagram feeds multiple times a day. 

There are so many times we can get caught up in comparison when we see a person’s Instagram feed full of smiling and perfectly curated pictures. 

Think about it, how does it make you feel when you visit someone’s page and their aesthetics are perfect and every caption is a testimony about how their life is seemingly perfect? At first, it seemed to be inspiring but now it’s something many people scoff at. The perfect life doesn’t exist, no matter how hard we try to create it and although we have the power to make our social media pages exactly what we want them to be, it doesn’t hurt to have a sense of authenticity that people can actually relate to.

People don’t have to use their Instagram or any other social feed as a diary or personal therapy session but it does help to know that the people you’re following are real and go through real things. It  can be very discouraging to see someone always living “the high life” while you feel as though you’re constantly going through the motions of figuring life out. That’s not to say that we should depend on someone else’s sharing of information to depict our happiness or confidence, but in a world where we’re constantly sharing and receiving information, it’s impossible to not look at who’s doing what. 

Many people now may have a love/hate relationship with social platforms, especially in this age of “influencers” who have to be picture perfect everyday. However, nothing is wrong with taking a quick break from social media to tap back into reality with your close family and friends. Or, take some type out to curate your feed with people and things that make you happy and you feel you can relate to. That may mean you can no longer follow certain celebrities and influencers but instead, follow brand owners and public figures that live exciting lives but are also real with their stories and day to day journeys. 

It’s always great when a celebrity can relate to something you’ve been thinking or feeling. Feelings when it comes to social media are no different and everyone has their own woes but what matters is how you deal with them. Be social on your own terms with social media. 







By Gené Hunter

Gené Hunter is a published entertainment journalist and lifestyle blogger. When she’s not creating content, she's somewhere binge watching The Office on Netflix, thrifting, or enjoying a good happy hour with her friends. She enjoys writing and talking about all things inspiration and the journey of womanhood.

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