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The Shopaholic’s Guide To Mindful Spending

Do you really need a new pair of shoes or are you just shopping to fill a void? You probably don’t realize it but a lot of the purchases we make are in accordance with what’s going on in our heads. Like mindful eating, mindful spending requires you to become aware of your emotions and the things that are driving you to make unnecessary purchases. Identifying the root of your unhealthy shopping habits will help you better understand what triggers them, and it could even save you some serious cash. Here are some of our tips for mindful spending.

Don’t Shop When You’re Emotional

Did you know that when you’re stressed, frustrated, or excited you’re more prone to make impulse buys? That’s why it’s important to refrain from going on a shopping trip when you’re emotional. Instead, only go shopping when you are in a calm state of mind. The next time you’re emotional and feeling the urge to go on an Amazon shopping spree, take a few moments to breathe and let whenever emotion you’re feeling pass. Not only will this lower your heart rate but it will keep money in your pockets, too.

Recognize Need vs. Want

Sure, that new Fenty lipstick color will look great on you but do you actually need it?  Studies show that 68 percent of buys are made spontaneously, meaning you don’t have much time to determine if the item is a “need” or “want”. Therefore, it is important to give yourself time to think about the items you want to purchase instead of giving in to your inner shopaholic.

A useful mindful spending tip for online shopping is to add the items to your cart and let them sit there at least 24 hours. In the meantime, think about those items. Do they serve a purpose? Are they necessities? After you’ve pondered these questions, come back to your shopping cart and see if you still want to purchase them.

Only Use Cash

When shopping in-store, leave your debit cards at home and just bring cash. Since most of us tend to make large purchases when using a credit card, only paying with cash ensures that you stay on budget and allows you to think before you buy.

Have a Shopping Goal and Stick to It

Don’t you hate it when you go to Target for one item and end up with a shopping cart full of stuff? That’s why it’s important to have a shopping list and stick to it. Resist the urge to buy anything that isn’t on that list. This mindful spending hack requires lots of discipline and self-control but it becomes easier the more you practice it.

Don’t Buy Items Because They’re On Sale

Everyone loves a good discount but don’t buy items just because they’re a bargain. Instead, ask yourself if you would pay full price for it. If the answer is no, leave it on the shelf. Also, buying a ton of on sale items can quickly add up and you’re more than likely end up paying more than what you intended.

By Ashley Austin

Hi all! I'm Ashley and I'm a writer and content creator. I'm obsessed with everything beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. My favorite things include cats, scented candles, and Saturday nights staying in. Let's connect, follow me on Instagram here: @ashleyeryan

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