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Are You Struggling With Emotional Numbness? Here’s 3 Effective Ways To Turn Your Feelings Back On

Some of us are emotionally numb because we have been disappointed so many times. So we start to isolate ourselves from everything and everyone, we pretend like we don’t hear what’s going on around us and we act like somethings don’t phase us. Do this sound familiar? well when we do this the only person we tend to hurt is ourselves. You can not walk around with a chip on your shoulder for so long. This will only cause you more pain and confusion. When you express your emotions there is less confusion, problems get solved, relationships get better and you become a better person. So here are three things you can do that can help you turn your feelings back on.

Go Back For A Second…….. Yes that’s right, go back. Now I’m not saying to dwell on the past but telling a person how you truly feel can sometimes make you feel good. In fact people who often hide their feelings are ones to dwell on the past .This is why it maybe good to contact an ex, an ex friend or a family member to get whatever is on your mind off. You might not always get the response you’re looking for but that’s ok. The purpose of contacting them is not to reconnect or fix anything, or maybe for you it is but it’s to help you heal and to turn your emotions back on. Let’s try this today, contact whoever caused you pain or said something to hurt your feelings and tell them how you feel. Boss up and get it off your chest. You got this girl !

Don’t Avoid Your emotions. Instead of avoiding your emotions, deal with it. The next time you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out hit the brakes. Take some time, a day or so to figure out whats adding on to your stress and what you can do to eliminate the headaches. Get in tune with your feelings as deeply as you can. As soon as you feel any type of emotion whether you are happy or sad let it out. Express how you feel. If you don’t you will eventually develop anxiety or depression. Researchers say women are more likely than men to develop a mental illness such as depression. Not to say that men don’t have to deal with life but women have multiple roles. Some of us are moms, bosses, family caregivers and much more. Often times we handle all of these roles without taking time to get in tune with our feelings. I can relate to this, can you? If so, it’s time to protect your mental health and release whats been killing you inside.

Cry It Out! Laugh it out ! Girl regulate your emotions and cry it out. Don’t be ashamed of your emotions. Those tears only show that you are human. But sometimes you have to laugh before you can cry. If you don’t usually deal with your emotions by crying try laughing it out. Do Whatever works for you just don’t avoid your pain, your feelings , your frustration…… or you will end up sick. Mentally.

As we say

Do You Pourtoi,

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