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Five Steps To Take That Will Have You Glowing From The Inside Out

Urban dictionary defines glow up as; “when you go from ugly to attractive.” This is not what glow up means to us. Now, not taking care of yourself is ugly, having bad thoughts is ugly, not living your best life is ugly, and being around the wrong people is ugly. When we say glow up we are not just talking about physical appearance.

1. Get rid of them

The first step to glowing up is to get rid of the toxic people that is not interested in glowing up with you. In my opinion anyone who isn’t interested in being a better person is stuck in their ways. They don’t want to change and they’re content with being who they are. In fact, they might believe they don’t need to change. If you continue to associate yourself with these people while working on yourself you will find yourself trapped in the BS(BullSh!t). I remember several occasions where I attended senseless gatherings, parties and events that involved wasting money and being around a whole bunch of people that constantly indulge in negativity. I will attend some of these events because I didn’t want to let anyone down, I believed in supporting “friends” and I still do. The only difference now is that before I go anywhere I have to ask myself and others “what type of energy is going to be in the room?” “ Is this a positive event? because if not I’m not going.” I believe that in order to get where you trying to go in life you have to actually start going. This means if you have intention on starting a business then you might want to start hanging with bosses, start going to networking events, go places that will inspire you to be better and do better. Use your energy wisely and just remember misery love company. If they don’t want to do good for themselves what makes you think they’re going to support your glow up decisions. I also believe in the phrase “not everybody can go with you” and that’s facts !

2. Celebrate more

Big up yourself, whether it’s a new job promotion, a new car, or a new home. You may not realize it but these accomplishments are all considered a glow up ! This is something to celebrate. Remember when you was a little kid and your parents or teacher rewarded you whenever you did good in school?  That was they way of celebrating you, now it’s time for you to celebrate you. Not only should you celebrate your accomplishments but commit to celebrating who you are and loving yourself. Make it a habit everyday without a reason. Just celebrate you for being you. The more you praise and celebrate your life the more you’ll glow from the inside out.

3. Invest in your health

When you invest in your health you are preventing heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure and so much more health issues.  When you invest in your health you are also exercising your brain, yes protecting your mental health is definitely part of the glow up process. You have to be right mentally, emotionally, and physically. This is the ultimate investment you can make, you know why? because if you not right mentally, emotionally, and physically you can’t be right financially. How many times have you called out of work this year because you was sick? …… if you still counting that means it’s time to invest in your health more. Exercise more, eat better, read more and walk more.You can’t glow on the outside with materialistic things and not glow from the inside with good health, it don’t make sense. Remember in order to look good it starts with good health. You can find more inspiration and tips to do more for your body here . #lookgoodpourtoi

4. Get your credit up

Girl get your credit up, now that’s a glow up! The first thing you want to do is start paying your bills on time. Being a few days late will get you negative information on your credit report which will lower your FICO score. Upgrading your credit isn’t a quick fix, you will not get a 750-800 credit score overnight. But there is a few things you can do to improve your score. Most people don’t know their rights when it comes to credit but you have the right to dispute any incorrect info on your report. Highlight the errors, make copies of your proof and write a letter to the credit report agency. The purpose of this letter is so they can possibly remove the errors off your report. It will take them up to 30 days to respond but if you plan on buying a home or investing in your business it’s worth the wait. Another thing you can do to get your credit up is not apply for any new credit cards. Every time you apply for a credit card it affects your score. A hard inquiry on your report can knock your credit score down by 5-10 points so you might want to limit your credit card applications. Having good credit can open up so many doors for you. You’ll be able to purchase a brand new car in your NAME, get better car insurance rates, lower interest rates, and no security deposit necessary when buying a phone or utility service in your NAME. When they say “Credit is Queen” believe it! To learn more about your credit score sign up today.

5. Focus on the positive

Success and happiness are all about mindset. Change your mindset by focusing on the positive things. When you focus more on good than bad more good things will come and the bad things you once worried about wouldn’t even matter anymore. When you focus on the positive things you’ll also start to vibrate higher. Your energy will be so contagious that you’ll attract nothing but good energy around you. Relationships will flourish, there will be more laughs, smiles and good vibes only.

 As long as you are in charge of how you respond and react to the people and things around you , you will always glow.

The glow up starts now! Start doing more for you and just watch, you’ ll see a difference soon. You’ll begin to feel better, look better, do better and smile more.

Do You Pour Toi ,


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