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“I’m stuck in a relationship because I invested too much”: Why This Is A Poor Excuse To Stay

Knowing when to leave a relationship is not always easy because we believe we invested so much in the relationship. Although every situation is different, here are a few reasons why “I invested too much in the relationship” isn’t good enough for you to stay.

Learn to be alone 

“I invested too much in the relationship “ is a BS excuse for not wanting to be alone. If you’re in an unhappy relationship did you ever think to yourself that you’re already alone in this “relationship”. Girl it’s better to be happy and alone than to be unhappy in a relationship. The moment you decide to leave this senseless relationship is the moment you will learn to not only be alone but to love yourself. 

Your social/love life can get complicated

See here’s how it works. Now that you’re only in this relationship because of your “investment” you still want to be happy. So now you go out and look for happiness, this can be hanging out with the opposite sex. He makes you happy and you guys enjoy each other company but you’ll still leave unhappy. You go home to your senseless relationship and he go home clueless. Does this make any sense? Let me answer that for you, NO. It doesn’t make any sense because if you have someone around that you enjoy , maybe you should be with that person. Stop holding on to investments and let go to free yourself.

You’re confusing the children

Couples often state that they’re staying together because they both invest in the relationship, by sharing children. But having kids together isn’t the reason, the reason they’re staying together is because of their own needs and insecurities. This can confused the kids. One minute they think their parents are together and the next minute they don’t know what’s going on with their parents. When children are exposed to a toxic home where parents are constantly arguing (both verbally and physically), it’s most likely that they will grow up affected by their parents behavior. Rather than staying in the relationship “for the sake of the children” stop being selfish and leave the relationship for the sake of the children. 

You need to be real with yourself

The bottom line is that you’re unhappy. In fact, the both of you are unhappy but no one wants to leave the relationship. Be real with yourself and face the fact that no matter how much time, effort , money, or kids you invested in ; you guys just weren’t meant to be.

Are you familiar ? what are your thoughts on staying in toxic relationships?

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