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Lip Makeup: 3 Steps To Get A Perfect Pout

When I started wearing makeup, my focus was always on achieving a flawless foundation and getting that JLo Glow. On the other hand, lips were never my cup of tea. Before learning this technique I kept my lips pretty basic using only lip gloss. I went from using one lip product to now using 3 lip products. Yes three: Lip Liner, Lipstick, and a gloss ( or another lipstick of a lighter shade for the center of my lips). I know, it sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. Ok, maybe it is but the results are so bomb that it is honestly worth the whole 2 minutes it takes me to put on my lipstick.

I love this technique so much that I wanted to write this post because I want to encourage women to be more creative with their lip makeup. I truly believe that a well-applied lipstick can make any makeup look go from every day to glam with a few simple steps. Lastly, I want to show you that it is possible to get the appearance of fuller lips without any invasive procedures. Honestly, this is why I love makeup; it allows us to enhance or minimize features without taking drastic measures.  Ok so here are the steps that I take to create the illusion of fuller lips. 

You will need 

  1. A Lip Liner
  2. A Lipstick
  3. A Lip Gloss or a Lipstick lighter than the first one

Step 1: Defining and Redefining Your Lower and Upper Lip

Lower Lip

  • Using your Lip Liner of choice begin at the center of the lower lip line. Create a dark line as shown in picture #1,

**Note: Overdrawing your lower lip in this specific place will create a shadow. This will give you the illusion of a fuller lower lip.

  •  Create a softer line on each side of your lips as shown in picture #2.


**Note: Keep the liner on the sides of your lower lip as natural as possible. Do not press down as hard. You want to avoid the color being too intense in this particular area. Overdrawing on the side would be detectable and look obvious. Notice that in picture #2 the darkest part of the lower lip liner is at the center right above my chin! This is important!!


Upper Lip

  • Using your liner lets begin to line the upper lip. Start at the cupids bow pressing the liner flat against the contour of your cupids bow and trace slightly above. 

**Note: The area that I am referring to is the rim above the fleshy pink of your lip. That is where you will draw with your liner with a light hand. 

**Note: Unlike the center of the lower lip, which can be dramatically overdrawn, when overdrawing the upper lip you need to be careful not to go overboard. The upper lip is more visible and therefore the liner is more detectable.


  • Now continue to trace the sides of your upper lips slightly above its natural contour. DO NOT go overboard on the sides of the upper lip.

Recommendations: I love using Dry/ Matte Lip Liners such as the MAC Cosmetic’s Lip Pencils and NYX’s Slim Lip Pencils for two reasons:  

  1. They allow you to create a good contour on the lip, this is what helps with the illusion of volume. Think of it as when we are contouring our face. A Matte Bronzers helps carve out your features and a matte lip liner will help you carve out the shape you desire, plus add shadows.
  2. Matte Lip Liners are a good foundation for your lipsticks because they are long-lasting. This means your lipstick has something solid to attach to.


Step 2:  Lipstick Application

  • Using your lipstick of choice, start by applying the lipstick on the outer part of your lips closest to the lip liner you created.  Work your way inward.
  • Stop before reaching the middle of the lips and press your lips together to spread and blend the liner with the lipstick.

**Note: You will notice that the center of your lips is slightly lighter than the corners. This is what we want in order to create a highlight effect. The light will bounce off this lighter area on the center of your lips and it will give you the appearance of fuller juicer lips.

Don’t worry if it looks a bit off, it will all come together. Trust Me!


Step 3: Lip Gloss or Lighter Lipstick Application

  • With your gloss or lighter lips stick, carefully apply to the center of your lips.

** Note: Here is the second most important step of the entire process; the lip liner process is the most important step. This is because it is the lip liner that will allow you to create the shadows needed to give the illusion of more volume. Now, the Lip Gloss or the Lighter Lipstick is what will create a highlight at the center of the lips. This draws attention to the meatier part of your lips by reflecting light.

  • Bring your lips together and spread the lip gloss/ lighter lipstick slightly. You want to keep this lighter shade in the center. This also helps create an ombre look, which is so cute and shows that your lipstick game is on Point GIRL!!


OK, WE ARE DONE!  That took no time at all right? 

LOL  OK, Yes I know it is a lot, but Girl it’s so worth the time. You don’t have to do this every day. This can be your little secret weapon for when you want to look extra cute and sexy, for a night out with your girls, or a HOT DATE !!



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By Tania

Tania is a passionate writer, she loves to create valuable content that can help people. To interact with her head over to her Instagram page: @beauty_and_dasoul

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