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6 reasons you should have an essential oil diffuser in your home

There are many reasons why you should have an essential oil diffuser in your home. Let’s give you six of them. 

1. Healthy Lifestyle

Your home should not only be a happy place but a healthy place. Diffusing essential oils like peppermint,  lemon or eucalyptus can promote a healthy environment. These oils purify the air by getting rid of bacteria and other harmful chemicals, which will help boost your immune system. So if there’s anyone in your home who is sick right now, you will want to get a diffuser to get rid of the bacteria. 

2. Sleep

Sleep is something we all need because it plays an important role in our physical and mental health. We talked about the importance of leaving the diffuser on for no more than 20 minutes in our previous wellness blog. But you can actually run your diffuser throughout the night with essential oils, like lavender to help you fall asleep without waking up in the middle of the night. Lavender oil can help you fall asleep because it has calm and soothing properties that reduce stress and relax your mind.

3. Congestion

Having a diffuser in your home during the winter time can be so beneficial, especially during flu and cold season. When your nose is stuffy and your eyes are watering make sure to run the diffuser with essential oils like tea tree, lemon, grapefruit, eucalyptus or peppermint. all five essential oils have potent aromas that can help clear sinuses and other symptoms related to a cold and flu.

4. Mental health

It is known that essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint can help heal causes of poor mental health, like not being able to focus. It helps your cognitive function. The next time you’re not feeling like yourself and you need to be more productive around the house, plug in the diffuser and add a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint. The aroma relaxes tension and elevates mental awareness allowing you to focus better.

5. Mood

We all have a moment where we are feeling down and need a little boost. Yes, diffusers can lighten your mood. Energize your home by adding citrus oil in your diffuser. It’s a safe and healthy way to boost your mood. Citrus oil is referred to as  “happy oil” by aromatherapy experts because of their ability to boost people’s mood and energy. So don’t hesitate to try it the next time you’re feeling like a Debbie Downer. 

6. Peace of Mind

Had a long weekend and want to escape from all the drama and excitement? turn on the diffuser. A diffuser will help you create a stress-free home by adding menthol or lavender essential oils to your diffuser. You will unwind in no time.  

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