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The best skincare brands – our winter favorites

Winter is here and it’s not a game. Do you have super-duper dry skin? if so, this is for you. Below are some of our winter favorites. Each product is visible in the beauty industry, it’s not hard to find them.

1. Cocoa butter

The famous Cocoa brand! Palmers. It provides deep hydration all over the body. Palmer’s cocoa butter is good for all skin types, even eczema prone skin.

2. Mario Badescu

This mist spray is perfect, you can literally hydrate your skin on the go. It can fit right into your bag with no problem. Use it during the day when you feel like your skin is losing moisture. Mario Badescu mist spray is also good for setting makeup. No setting spray? that’s fine, get you some Mario Badescu.

3. Carmex

“I want chapped lips,” said no one in their right mind. There’s tons of lip balm out there for you but Carmex is our favorite. It soothes, heals and protects. Carmex will have your lips feeling brand new.

4. Lip Scrub, DIY

Nothing like a homemade lip scrub in the winter. It exfoliates and softens the lips and even the skin around your lips. You can make a lip scrub by yourself in seconds. First, get you some coconut oil, honey, lemon, and brown sugar. Next, grab a glass bowl to mix all the ingredients into it. Once you mixed all the ingredients together, you want to place it all in a clean container with a lid. We recommend keeping your lip scrub in your refrigerator to last long. But it should not be used after 2 weeks because homemade cosmetics lack preservatives and it will mess up after 2 weeks.  

5. Image skincare Iluma intense brightening eye cream

We can’t forget about the eyes! the Illuma intense brightening eye cream, hydrates and brighten under the eyes. It helps to reduce dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness.

IG: @imageskincare

6. Kiehl’s ultra facial moisturizer sunscreen SPF 30

For face moisturizer, we need something that will hydrate the skin and protect it at the same time. For those of you that don’t know, you should protect your skin from sun damage in the summer and winter. This is because the earth is closest to the sun in the middle of the winter, causing you to be exposed to the sun at some point. That’s why we like Kiehl’s ultra facial moisturizer sunscreen. It protects your skin from UV and UVB rays and absorbs easily, leaving your skin soft and healthy looking. 

Have you used any of the products we listed? If not, comment below and let us know some of your favorite winter favorites.

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