Self-Love & Relationships

Four Tips to help build your self-esteem

What’s affecting your self-esteem, did you lose your job? having a hard time getting over a bad break up? have you been mentally abused? or just going through ongoing stressful life events? all of these factors can definitely bring you down but not for long. These 4 tips are going to have you saying “I’m back and I’m better”.

#1 Focus on yourself

The last thing you want to do while you’re going through rough times is minding other people’s business. My your own business and focus on yourself. Before asking for help, think about how can you get better on your own. Get up and get out, look for resources and activities that can put you back in a good space.

#2 “I am who I am”

If you want to get better and build your self-esteem then you need to embrace who you are. You have to accept that you made mistakes, you have flaws and you are not perfect but it will not define you. Most importantly forgive yourself so that you can move on and live the life you desire.

#3 Focus on the Positive

Always focus on the positive. Appreciate yourself by writing down all the things you have accomplished. Celebrate those accomplishments. At Pour Toi Inc we find any good reason to celebrate. Find your reason. This is one many of us don’t do enough, compliment yourself. Look yourself in that vanity mirror girl and say it ” I am beautiful” “I am Smart” and the list should go on.

#4 Link up for good vibes only!

Call up your girls and plan a date. Get up and get out. But most importantly call up the right girls, the ones who are down for you. The last thing you need is fake friends around you during this time. You know that friend that says “yassss sis” “you look, good girl”. Call that friend up because that’s the energy you deserve right now, good vibes only.


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