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Everyday is self-care day:12 things you can do to make everyday self-care day

Between working, going to school, running a business, taking care of children, maintaining a household and finding time to hang with friends we barely have time for ourselves. At least, that is what some of us may think. But we are here to tell you, girl pace yourself and make time for you. Self-care is so essential! that’s why we put together 12 things you can do to make everyday self-care day.

Time Management 

Pick a time, a routine and stick with it. Make sure your plans for the day can be done before your self-care activity. For example, if you work a 9 to 5 job and you make a 6:30 pm nail appointment, then you want to make sure that your work is done on time. Nothing should stop you from making your 6:30 pm nail appointment. this is what we mean by picking a time, a routine and sticking with it.

 Set Boundaries

Setting Boundaries is something we must do to protect our mental health and overall well being. Setting boundaries help us make decisions based on what is best for us. Think about whether or not you want to do something, how it’s going to affect you emotionally and if it’s worth it. We believe boundaries should be set with friends, family, co-workers and significant other. Everyone needs to have a clear understanding of what should be expected. As far as how to set these boundaries, our best advice is to simply say “hell no” to something you know you don’t want to do, period. 

Tea Time

Allow yourself 10-15 mins to have a cup of tea in the morning before you start your day. Green tea is our favorite, it has a calming effect on the nervous system. It just puts you in such a good mood.

Spa Day

Have a spa day, alone or with friends. If you choose to do it alone, even better! you can have a spa day at home. The good thing about having a spa day at home is that you can have one any day of the week. Draw a hot bath with your favorite bath bombs, lit a candle and relax.

New Hair Who Dis?

While you’re on lunch or behind the desk hit up your hairstylist and book the earliest appointment. A New hairstyle seems to redefine you, doesn’t it? New hair, New chapter, who this again? A new look just makes you feel energized, confident and positive about everything. Next time you’re feeling down or overwhelmed with work, randomly book a hair appointment.

Update that playlist girl

Good music always set the mood. Ask yourself what you feel like hearing, then scroll through your favorite music app (Tidal is our favorite music app) and search for the latest songs. Download, press play and get into your zone.

Vent, let it out

Venting can either go good or go left. We suggest talking to people you know who actually care about your well being, people who want to see you win. But venting is always a good thing to do because it’s good for your mental health. There are so many people in this world who suffer from mental illness and part of the reason is that they did not talk about their issues and their concerns with anyone, they held it in. Don’t you do that sis, let it out!

Create a vision board

Creating a vision board allows you to make your goals clear, motivate you to work towards accomplishing your goals and help you to stay focus. Put it all on the board, visualize and manifest that sh*t every day.


If you can’t remember the last time you went to the gym or even did a push up then you might want to go to kickboxing one day after work. Kickboxing is a good cardio workout, guaranteed to burn fat fast. You can release stress after a hard day at work and learn valuable self-defense moves at the same time. Another good thing about kickboxing is that it tones your body. Making you feel sexy and confident, as you should.

My phone was on silent sorry not sorry

Feeling stress, overwhelmed and over everything? put your phone on silent, whatever it is can wait. Use that time to relax your brain or better yet take a nap.

Book a flight

If you seriously need a break and you have the time and money, book a flight. It doesn’t have to be a long trip. Book a weekend trip and come back on Monday as nothing happened. A study shows that everyone benefits from a vacation, both physically and mentally. A vacation or getaway allows you to clear your mind, relax, meet new people and change your mindset. If you can go then go.

     Start putting you first, Do it pour Toi 

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