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20 Bad Habits That Can Block Your Happiness

Happiness can mean many different things to different people. We often think that things like, not having enough money or being in a bad relationship is the cause of unhappiness. But there are so many other things that can block your happiness. Below are 20 bad habits that can block your happiness.

1. Talking negative about yourself- But why? you’re bomb AF, act like you know.

2. Not forgiving yourself- You did it, it happened, forgive yourself already and move on.

3. Holding on to the past- It’s time to let go and live.

4. Hanging around negative nancy- “Negative Nancy is not welcome here” Bye! get rid of them ASAP or you will continue to be unhappy.

5. Comparing yourself to others- But why?

6. Choosing Fear over Faith- Faith always win.

7. Taking care of everyone else but yourself- How can you take care of everyone if you not taken care of? hmmm, think about it.

8. Changing your appearance to please people- Who’s wearing it, you or them?

9. Not Living in the moment- Live every day like it’s your birthday.

10. Procrastinating – Procrastination is the devil.

11. Not being true to yourself- Be honest with what you feel, value and desire.

12. Staying in toxin relationships- Let it go.

13. Always looking for approval from others-  Your life, no approval necessary.

14. Allowing people to dictate your life- I don’t think so. You better know, you’re the only captain on your boat.

15. Not focusing on your main focus- Ask yourself if the distraction is worth it? Girl just get back on track!

16. lacking self-esteem-  Ima need you to know that, you’re bomb AF! you better drink you some “confident juice” and start being happy. Do it Pour Toi

17. Settling for less than you deserve –  Settle for what? there’s nothing average about you girl. You are worth more than what you’re about to settle for. Stop settling and ask for more.

18. Self-doubt- you’ll never know how strong and brave you are until you have to be. just do it already.

19. Saying okay when you know you don’t want to- Just say “Hell no”

20. Doing things for the money – Money is the root of all evil ! it doesn’t fix relationships, friendships, mental illness or family issues. In fact, it can be the cause of some of these issues. Most importantly, money can’t buy peace! The sooner you realize that money come and go, the sooner you’ll stop doing things just for the money. 

Now that you went down the list, figure out which one of these habits apply to you. Think about it then do the opposite. For example, if you’re a person that like to compare yourself to others (#5) then do the opposite. Stop comparing and appreciate all the things you are and all the things you do. At the end of the day you are who you are, embrace it and be happy!

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